Medicine for a Nightmare: Abridged Submission Guide

We are accepting submissions for Part Three. The theme is ego reduction: navigating humility and confirming personal boundaries.

Mission Statement:

Medicine for a Nightmare: Part Three is a space to share thoughts and expressions to be part of a larger conversation. It will contain essays, poetry, short stories, photography, and other visual content from a unique selection of contributors from many walks of life, age groups, and cultural backgrounds. It welcomes ideas that educate and contain DIY ethics; connecting regional artistic expression and the shared values of the international community while embracing emotions and impermanence.


1. Create a perfect-bound 8.5” x 5.5” paperback book
- Submissions can be anything you can print on a short story, photograph, painting, poem, drawing, etc.
*The exception is text as an image. We strive for continuity by limiting the amount of typefaces in each book. If you still want to submit an image with text, make sure your text has been turned into vector outlines.
- Visual submissions can be color or black and white.

2. Create audio companion compilation of exclusive instrumental music appropriate to accompany a book
- All copies of the book will come with the audio companion in digital format.
- A physical version of the companion will also be available with the book in limited quantities.

3. Spreading cultural/regional knowledge and ideas through words and/or visual representations among a greater community.
- Includes histories, mythologies, or personal truths

4. Teaching, through the art of story-telling, how to live/create things in a way that reduces dependency on corporate distribution, reduces waste, and holds an aesthetic value. There is no need to give direct instruction, unless it's integral to the submission.
5. Our intent is to create connection, engage, inform, educate, and entertain

6. Informative works should be told in a story form to connect the reader to the author’s experiences

7. You are encouraged to take a humorous and/or personable approach

8. Collaboration pieces are encouraged.

The deadline is May 2nd, 2022. For more information, reach out by using the contact form. Please title any and all work submitted.