Part One (Book & Audio Companion)
$12.00 - $17.00

  • Part One (Book & Audio Companion)
  • Part One (Book & Audio Companion)

Part One (Book & Audio Companion)
$12.00 - $17.00

Conceptually, Medicine for a Nightmare: Part One is a collection of thoughts and expressions to be part of a larger conversation. It contains essays, poetry, short stories, photography, and other visual art from a unique selection of 43 characters from many walks of life, age groups, and cultural backgrounds. It's presented in a perfect-bound paperback book that comes with a 2-hour long audio companion compilation consisting of mostly exclusive instrumental music from 23 different artists. The core of this project is to embrace emotions and impermanence.

Book Contributors:
7Hz Sorcery
Eric Alan
Tom Asselin
Zeke Baker
Kyle Bates
Benoît Pioulard
Dan Black
Jeremy Blakeslee
Uriah Brown
Paul Burke
Jerry David DeCicca
Eric de Jesus
Janys-Iren Faughn
Gillian Frances
David Fylstra
Sean Hamling
Insect Factory
Levi Jiorle
Shaina Kapeluck
Matt Korvette
Chris Leo
Danny Leo
Ross Lipton
Megan McNulty
Michael Metivier
Lane Shi Otayonii
Caitlin Scofield
Jet Shea
Dylan Garrett Smith
special foil
Josh Steinbauer
Daniel Talton
Randall Taylor
Tom Titus
Crystal Tuliszewski
R. Vena
Thom Wasluck
Andrew Weathers
Jeff Zeigler

Part One Audio Compilation:
This arranged audio compilation consists of previously unreleased instrumental music intended to serve as a soundtrack for your reading experience. Some audio pieces are meant to coincide with their respective literary and/or visual pieces.

Side A:
Canadensis - Ocotillo
special foil - Corrupt Tint Cycles
drowse - Screen (Hyperreal)
otay:onii - Who’s Not Broken?
The Stargazer Lilies - Symphonic 2
Amulets - The Pathos of All Things
Zvi - KypyPyPy
Tadzio - The Fireflies at High School Park
Folian - The Gravity of Home
Snail Killer - Velvet Off
Daniel Knox - pg 252 of 9000

Side B:
Jeff Zeigler - Alps
xpoemsx - Triumphant Eyes to See Through
Oweihops - Eastern Setts
Mako Sica/Hamid Drake - Shell (featuring Tatsu Aoki & Thymme Jones)
Insect Factory - The Sound of Shedding Skin
Dao - Wind in Our Fire
Woke-Ass Messiah - En Plein Air
Shifting Harbor - The River Temarc in Winter
Columboid - Baba O’Smiley
Death Ceiling - The Bearable Heaviness of Being
juracán - compañerismo

Release date: 01/01/20
The book was made from FSC and Rainforest Alliance certified sustainably forested paper. It’s perfect bound and the cover has a matte finish. First edition of 400 copies. It was made in Michigan by the good people at the woman-owned print house, McNaughton & Gunn. Our point of contact, who guided us through this process, prefers her music on vinyl, media on paper, and her holiday chili meatless.

The cassettes were made with 120 minute BASF tape reels.
The shells were pad printed and the o-cards were off-set printed.
First edition limited to 100 copies.

Purchase includes .mp3 / .flac / .alac digital download of the 120 minute audio compilation. If you have a preference to have this in your Bandcamp library, drop us a line after you purchase your book and we'll email you a download code.

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