Medicine for a Nightmare is something between a publishing company, record label, and dispersed community. The main intention is to be a bridge and facilitate community by sharing ideas and experiences. Our goal is for this project to bring people together in a meaningful way, no matter where they physically exist.

We set out to curate a collection of thoughts and expressions to be part of a larger conversation, which began with our first release in January 2021, Part One. The Part Series is a perpetual publication in the form of a printed book with an audio music companion that contains thoughts and expressions including, but not limited to, photography and other visual art, poetry, prose, essays, and short stories, from a unique selection of contributors coming from many walks of life, age groups, and cultural backgrounds, to be a part of a larger conversation. The overarching theme of the series is embracing emotions and impermanence, with each book having a sub-theme.

We are in the planning stages for a variety of mixed-media releases for 2022, including the next part of the conversation titled Part Three. The theme of Part Three is ego reduction: navigating humility and confirming personal boundaries. If you would like to submit a piece for consideration, see the submission info page.